Soft text colorless link role

, we must make good use of the network, especially in the big forum reply, this must pay attention to and serious use, will bring you great profit and ranking.

we do the network, but also need to use this trick. Let’s call him a horse for the time being. Now, I need to send links everywhere but, I send it too much trouble if I find mass software, the effect is not good, the people selling software also fooled my money anyway, this kind of article is more popular.

then, I added the [url=][color=white] forum, [/color][/url] in this article. I set the code itself to white. I asked someone to forward me to a forum, and I sent him a set of XXXX, and he was sure to send it. He might not be happy to bring an ad with him when he sends it. So I used white to cover up, we copied the text to the UBB edit box, all the contents have automatically become a text address, does not have any attributes. So this code automatically becomes UBB executable code. When he makes sure, the code turns into a white anti – link. The administrator can’t see it either.

if you send it to HTML, the text will remain in the original format, including color, and so on. If it is sent to the Forum on the blog, the text will not save any format attributes, are naked text.

was white for the first time so that others could not see it. We wanted to send anti chain ads. White content was " white anti link code ".

second times white, white, the anti link code is executed by UBB and then becomes a white link.

two white have cheated the post man, cheated the administrator, but can’t cheat the search engine, this is exactly what we want.

please indicate: corn bus forum.

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