The entrepreneurial story of demobilized soldiers

we all know there are many demobilized soldiers every year, these soldiers made their own contributions to defend the country and the people, but many soldiers demobilized but do not know what kind of work, which requires the attention of society, and have a professional soldier, in order not to give people the trouble, they embarked on a venture the road. He is Guo Tao.

1 25 in the morning, in the Yubei road Chenjiawan farmers market fresh department store, hanging on the wall of professional food chain shop signs, cabinets stocked with 10 kinds of processed fresh dishes. The shop owner Guo Tao is a young soldier, he wore a corset, with quick action for the customer to choose a dish.

to raise pheasant


for entrepreneurial opportunities, Guo Tao went to Chongqing city where cousin. How to do business in Chongqing City, the business is very good, he want to do business with his cousin, did not take much cost. Three class Sergeant jobs, resettlement costs down a total of only more than 40 thousand dollars, plus the usual savings, only $more than 70 thousand, the cost is too small, I had to give up the intention to do business."

2007 in September 10th, Guo Tao alone went to Tongnan county to sister pheasant farm, a farm owner Xiang Xiuqing to learn "colorful pheasant breeding technology; on the other hand, the price of 20 yuan each, bought 5 of" colorful pheasant chicks ".

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