No cost of venture clown love give you advice

with the continuous enrichment of people’s lives, a variety of needs, a variety of needs emerge in an endless stream, the face of this huge pattern of a society full of love clown with its unique creativity, easy to seize the market!

"want to give your girlfriend arranged surprise? Find me!" The day before yesterday at noon, the sun Shenyang qingniwa commercial street, wearing a multicolored hair, face painted with colored powder, Wang Qiang held such a piece of red plastic card to take the business. He said he was specially dressed as a love clown look, is to help people chasing his girlfriend to attract customers to make money.

charges by surprise

"so, how do you charge?" A curious young man asked. Wang Qiang said he put the business priced between 50 yuan to $500, according to the degree of surprise and the cost of material charges.

"that is a good idea!" Soon, there was a man who said he was interested in Wang Qiang’s business, and recorded a telephone call from Mr. Wang Qiang. And more passers-by, the name of the young man dressed in simple curious.

"after graduating from high school, I used to work with computers. Now I don’t have a job, do one’s best to help people pursue their girlfriend business. Wang Qiang said that he was inspired by this work is a successful plan in June 16th. The same day, Wang Qiang made a huge heart   in Shenyang labor park;   balloon;, write a friend love girl, then when the girl’s face, will be     balloon flying into the sky. At that time, the girl was moved by this unexpected and romantic scene, and finally accepted the love of friends.

the successful planning inspired Wang Qiang. He said he then pondering this emerging industry, must meet the young people who like romantic. So, want to do a career here he took out his first two years with all the savings, "to help people get a girlfriend".

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