mplementation of rural youth entrepreneurship in Anhui province leading goose training program

is now all over the country are actively trying to promote entrepreneurship, at the same time, governments have also introduced a lot of measures to assist and promote people’s entrepreneurial activities, especially for some rural entrepreneurs.

of rural youth entrepreneurship, there is no perfect platform support, it is a good idea is not to fall. Recently, the Anhui Provincial Communist Youth League Joint Committee Organization Department, the provincial Agriculture Commission in the province to start the implementation of the rural youth entrepreneurship rich "leader" training plan, through the platform of entrepreneurship training, financial services, twinning, exchange of learning, common development, publicity 6 training platform, full support for rural youth hit off "do poineering work become rich.

in July 20th this year, 3 years from Lixin County town where Liu Jinyin first secretary Zhai again towards the University campus. The same day, the League Committee organized students returning entrepreneurship training courses in the Anhui Agriculture University opened in action. As a member of the 520 students, Liu Jinyin in the course of 5 days to receive the benefits of agricultural policy, business loan policy, e-commerce and other aspects of technical training. In Liu Jinyin’s words, this training is like a timely rain, pouring in the hearts of young entrepreneurs. "We have a lot of help in the early stages of the project, risk aversion, financial support. The most important is the financial support, then there is a joint venture with the bank on the return of college students one hundred thousand yuan of interest loans, this is more realistic."

service for rural youth entrepreneurial wealth, give full play to the backbone of rural youth rich leaders leading role, provincial Party committee to actively build a financial services platform, for 5 consecutive years to carry out the youth entrepreneurship loans work, for a total of 9189 youth entrepreneurship loans discount 50 million yuan, and start the "Anhui province college-graduate village official business prospering action" in 2013, 1 million yuan a year to support college-graduate village official. Open college-graduate village official entrepreneurship prospering demonstration training, led the establishment of the province college-graduate village official business mentor group, CCTV launched the "Anhui youth" rich example special series, for the young entrepreneurs to build rural exhibition and learning platform. Zou Yongsheng, Minister of Rural Affairs Committee

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