What are the procedures for opening a branch

generally, the business bigger, many people want to open stores. So, how do you want to open a branch? What are the procedures for opening a branch? The following is a question and answer, if you are preparing to expand their careers, may wish to follow the small series together to see!


how to open a branch? Open branches in the industry and Commerce on the one hand to do what procedures? How is the tax? Do you pay a fixed tax or do you have a separate account? Do the business license to the competent authority for the headquarters? What about paying taxes? Separate accounts, separately or together, together with the declaration to declare accounts? Is the headquarters of the competent tax authorities to declare?


1, to the industrial and Commercial Office of the business license, to receive business license within 30 days of the tax registration procedures, overdue penalty.

2, in accordance with the principle of tax "territorial management", you do not belong to the same branch under the jurisdiction of the competent tax authorities, should be separately accounted for, respectively, to the local tax authorities to declare tax. If it is under the jurisdiction of the same tax bureau, you can make a unified account.

3, whether or not to impose a quota, or depends on whether you can build accounts, the account is built to meet the requirements of the. Less than the general implementation of the approved levy.

documents procedures are also very important, this is the premise of legitimate business, if you want to open stores, do not ignore these things. Supplement: the self-employed are generally levied according to the approved levy, according to the above second.

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