Open community stores want to make money but also to raise lazy customers

community store is indeed a good development space, and now there are a lot of investors are aware of. However, if you want to successfully open a community store, you want to make more money, in fact, lazy customers is a good way to do. Dealers open terminal is no longer rare, have captured the community store this market. However, dealers open community stores, how to open the most profitable? The following is a high-end District in Beijing, a convenience store (A shop) as an example.

a green onion to a bottle of wine

the convenience store, very very small, less than half the size of the conventional 7-11 shop. But for residential tenants services, positioning is very accurate, super money.

district residents occasionally scrambled eggs, found no onions at home, make a phone call, 5 minutes later, a total of 5 cents of onions, sent home. So many customers are now lazy to eat some fruit in the evening, dial a phone call, and sometimes do not know what they want to eat, but asked, "where did you get some fruit today? Give me a free hand." In this way, many tenants are locked in the store.

this small convenience store, on behalf of the district for the five or six floor tenants to provide daily goods. You may ask, "I am afraid that an onion 5 cents a day to sell a few bundles, but also earn less, right? Unit price and profit are too low!"

onions, toilet paper, profit margins? A high profit ah! For example, red wine, small convenience store, the two sides are placed on the wall, almost no domestic, are from two hundred or three hundred to five hundred or six hundred of the daily meal level. This is a very small number of foreigners, the middle class (and up) for the European and American foreigners, red wine is a daily necessity. The small convenience stores to provide English service, but also greatly improved the lock".

cheese, cooked food, also various. Water from the cheapest to Nongfushangquan, Evian, Paris, SPA, gas, salty, very much, note that a bottle of lemon water Paris profits, probably more than a box of nongfushanquan oh! It is precisely this small convenience store, selling Paris water faster than the farmer spring!

stores rely on this approach to lock customers, the shop owner has opened several stores, are located in Beijing’s most upscale real estate community. Even if these stores, goods are also very different, because some real estate tenants obviously get together well – some real estate, many European and American, and some real estate, the Japanese, as well as, are fast into the Korean community. In view of the different consumption characteristics, he constantly adjust the goods category, always seizes the residential consumption habits, by "sent home, a green" strategy (theoretically, only to send a spring onion, from the cost of speaking is losing money), a large number of daily consumption slowly progressive locking of this real estate tenants.

how to get rid of the low price competition in the same market

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