Open cloth store business booming market

now many people have their own entrepreneurial intentions, however, what can be done in the end, but it has become a thing can not be determined. In fact, from the current market, the popularity of cloth shoes, cloth shoes is actually a very good idea. Easy to buy shoes to buy shoes. At present, "jumping off the price" twenty or thirty yuan of leather shoes everywhere, although the cowhide may be the kind of mouth blowing on the 80%. And a pair of shoes, "Beijing 1000" ranging from eighty or ninety to more than 200 yuan, also have eight party to try hard.

to buy this old shoes, Mr. Yuen visited many places in the city, eventually got shangqingsi a monopoly "inline" shoe store in Beijing. In fact, like Mr. Yuan so tired, want to wear shoes There are plenty of people who wear shoes, this newspaper in Beijing to participate in "NPC and CPPCC" reports of reporters, local specialty is "cotton" shoes back.

if men love shoes because of nostalgia and leisure, the woman’s shoes on the "love" and the pursuit of fashion. Shangqingsi also recently opened a shoe store, covering hundreds of men’s shoes for men and women, in addition to the traditional "cotton", and Beijing party mouth, mouth, elastic cloth shoes "laosanpian". Shoes will be different, added many elements of fashion, fabrics, suede cloth or silk surface; the heel flat, with slope follows, with flowers; showy and elegant style, with traditional and modern…… It’s just so many styles and patterns that she can’t help coming in, she said.

A pair of

shoes 50-70 yuan, said a woman shopping can be picky, face embroidered shoes all readily pay.

mall lost to the store

local mall had shoes abandoned Wangfujing in Monument for Liberation, it should be said that looking for a good place for Beijing shoes. Although there is no lack of "inline" stores "Tongshenghe" "gems" and other well-known brands of shoes, but hidden in purdah, only on the 5 floor of a shop. Reporter went to the two, have found that the customer is not much, it is understood that the average day to sell cloth shoes less than 10 pairs.

"why don’t you put the brand of" Beijing cloth shoes "on the first floor?" The official explained that positioning is the high-grade commercial building, will put the shoes with hundreds of dozens of Yuan Yuan shoes put together, "is not appropriate".

with the sale of cloth shoes in Beijing, a temple cloth shoe store business is good. Reporters the day before in the store to stay stay, find its customers a dial-up wave, not only the elderly is more young. "Jeans and embroidered shoes are fashionable nowadays." Chongqing accent boss Liu is this dress, there are two girls wearing jeans with shoes specially. Store opened after the Spring Festival, it is said that now in the desert, Yangjiaping has developed two chain stores. Recommended

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