Zhang Yin, a rich woman

female entrepreneurs as a special group of entrepreneurs, in the entrepreneurial process will encounter a variety of difficulties, and after the capture of these suffering, you can become a woman who has become rich. Ranked first in the list of China’s richest women, Zhang Yin entrepreneurial story worthy of attention.

was born at the turn of the 50s military family Zhang Yin, poor childhood, family and seven younger brother and sister to take care of. After graduating from college in 1982, Zhang Yinxian worked as an accountant in a factory, then worked as a financial officer in a joint venture under the trust of Shenzhen.

1985, Zhang Yin came to Hongkong, in a joint venture trading company accounting. A year later, the company went bankrupt. At this time in front of Zhang Yin, there are three options: back to Guangdong, to receive an annual salary of $64 thousand and 100, or entrepreneurship.

start at the beginning of Zhang Yin can only start from a low end, slowly building a waste paper recycling network, in the capital Hongkong, she through bank loans, a step by step to develop their own career. Since entering the line in Hongkong, Zhang Yin insisted on quality first, to change the past in Hongkong, the water into the pulp practice. But it also broke with the interests of the industry, she is considered to be a violation of the "norm", and therefore the underworld received threatening phone calls, but Zhang Yin did not flinch, but to her fair and honest business quickly occupy a space for one person in the Hongkong market, the collection of waste paper are willing to do business with her.

1987, has been in Hongkong for 2 years of entrepreneurship Zhang Yin, began to choose investment partners in China, a partner in China. In a joint venture with the Liaoning Yingkou paper mill, she and Wuhan Dongfeng paper mill, Hebei paper mill joint venture, the scale of investment to further expand the. In 1988, she set up a wholly-owned factory in Dongguan – Dongguan Zhongnan Paper Co., ltd..

1996, China’s high-grade packaging paper appeared in short supply situation, in particular, almost all of the senior kraft paper imports from abroad. Zhang Yin in time to seize this historic opportunity, decided to establish Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd.

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