The resignation of the public to sell wonton great cause

auspicious chaos believe we are not unfamiliar, too famous, has almost all over every city China, let many people taste it delicious, the chaos in various flavors are independent research and development. Here is a look at the brand is how to grow up to today?

left soldier – member of the Luwan District Youth Federation, "auspicious chaos" of the boss. A lot of young entrepreneurial story, but like soldiers stood idly left high and stable income, civil servants do not, and even friends sell wonton things is the first time I heard. Now his "auspicious chaos" has been sold to more than and 50 cities in the country, to the north to Harbin, South to Guilin, the annual turnover of up to 150 million yuan.

left will be very thin, thin is not like the food and beverage industry. A person who can face so much food every day is so thin, must be a moderate, can resist the temptation of people. At the age of 24, the first temptation is to face the left soldiers: Guichi County in Anhui before the tax bureau to do a stable and highly paid civil servants, or sea to Shanghai battles. Whether it was then or now, the tax bureau of civil servants has been an enviable good job in the local average wage higher than 10% – 20%. If you get married, but also a house, a motorcycle. "At the time of the motorcycle now with the BMW, Mercedes Benz opened out almost Oh, very cool."

but left soldiers gave up the decent work. 20 years of youthful blood and premature security can not match, the heart of the bold, restless let the left soldiers want to break into Shanghai Chuang Chuang, I do not want to look at the head of life."

left soldier’s resignation caused quite a stir in the local, because he is the first to civil servants in three years. Resignation that moment, left soldiers have done a good job of psychological preparation. So I left my parents and left home. Take the boat on board the moment, left soldier’s heart is full of vision for the future, I want to do their own boss in Shanghai!"

brother shoulder 40 thousand yuan started wonton shop

Some people lay a heavy imprint of

1999 in Shanghai, began to appear a very large wonton, we all feel very strange. Before a bowl of wonton down at least feel not hungry, but now it can eat support recommended

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