How to keep the guests out of stock products

shop selling things should often encounter out of stock situations, but once this happened after the treatment? Different owners have different choices. And I do retail business for more than ten years, often encountered in store some goods temporarily out of stock situations, sometimes out of stock out of stock for several hours, sometimes one or two days, sometimes 35 days or even a week out of stock.

when the store of goods out of stock, I will promptly communicate with suppliers, the lack of stock of the types of goods, brands, specifications and other information as soon as possible to transfer to the supplier so that suppliers have a preparation and arrangement in the heart, to deliver the goods within the shortest time, avoid customers shopping no goods to sell.

but there are some time, store a brand temporarily out of stock, but just as customers come to the store to buy this commodity. In this situation, we should not simply inform the customer that the goods have been sold out for the time being. If so, the customer will turn to another shop to buy, and may have gone head, then go to the shop in the shopping.

we can say to the customer: "are you in urgent need of the goods? If you do not need to worry, please leave your address, the goods arrived, I immediately free delivery, you do not need to run second times." If the customer said he so urgently, you say to the customer: "please wait a moment, I think of a way to help you." Then you can contact the supplier to see if they can be delivered in time. In this way, although it took time to retain the customer and customer trust in the shop.

a "no" will not only ruin this transaction, there may never lose the customer, and then a series of people, so the customer side, if the product appeared out of stock of the situation, we also need to grasp more natural business skills, this will give a shop to retain more customers, let the store business is booming.

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