President of SONY and SONY

SONY is one of the leading electronics products, so as a famous brand of electronic products is how to exist? Today we will bring you the story of SONY and its CEOs, look at how SONY executives to become so outstanding SONY, but also allows us to learn some valuable experience in entrepreneurship.

63 year old American Howard · (HowardStringer) is trying to lead Japan’s 60 year old national treasure enterprise – Sony Corp out of the quagmire". The first non Japanese Sony Corp chairman announced the Sony Corp plans to revive in the office after half a year. However, this did not satisfy investors, the company’s share price is still down sharply.

because the scene in front of him was not encouraging: consumer electronics business gradually decline, the Japanese enterprise features strong defense preparations, gradually landslide product yield.

Sony Corp brilliant seize the consumer electronics market value of $72 billion in the global market, in the movie and music on mass media, the success also makes the Sony Corp become synonymous with avant-garde fashion. With the "Mr. Stringer," said Howard · can change the state of SONY’s malaise? In October 17th, the first "First Financial Daily" SONY’s new head, this is his first visit to China.

"I don’t want to live an ordinary life"

1965, Howard · Stringer made the most important decision in life at the age of 22 when he finished, modern history studies at the University of Oxford and received a master’s degree, he decided to go to America to start their own occupation career. The decision was unusual at the time, but he did not hesitate.

"at that time the British economic depression, political and business conditions are boring, came to the United States is my personal adventure. I wasn’t sure about my future, but I knew I didn’t want to be driven by tradition or other people’s expectations. I don’t want to live an ordinary life."

but when he first came to the United States, he was still a British citizen in the legal sense. He faces a choice that must be made: to serve as an American soldier in Vietnam, or to return to his native home. Howard · Stringer did not hesitate, this Welsh guy directly embarked on Uncle Sam to Vietnam to the deck of the aircraft carrier, to become a soldier, and won the military medal of honor for more than two years of outstanding performance.

in July 28th this year, SONY released as of fiscal year 2005 in the first quarter of fiscal year. The report shows that as flat TV prices continued to decline, as well as Pl recommended

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