Open noodle shop location reference

noodle everywhere, in the community, schools, shopping malls, office areas, etc. can see its figure. If you want to open a noodle shop, then you need to consider the site, the above mentioned lots can become an important reference point for your site.

residential community: open noodle shop the best choice, residential community population uniformity, all in the family unit, dining out opportunity, every family of 2-6 people, should have enough seats to accommodate the environment, food selection should be rich, the decoration must spend more costs, in order to meet the needs of adults and children. The dinner and the holiday consumption, and does not appear obvious off-season and peak seasons.

noodle location is not difficult, because it is very high on the site does not require a large flow of people, as long as you can easily location. The above section analysis can help you successfully find good address, quickly learn it as soon as possible to find suitable locations.

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