Chen Man 9 million 660 thousand state compensation application failed to pay the court into the 2016

China legal system is more and more perfect, but there are also individual "the unjust case occurred, Chen Man 23 years of unjust imprisonment" case has entered the 2016 national NPC and CPPCC report, for this incident, the Hainan high court president spoke, the specific details of a look!

has been corrected "Chen Man murder arson" also appeared in the "high" in the report. In addition, the two high report also raised the Xu Jinlong and other 4 people robbery and so many cases of injustice. In addition, the reporter found that Zhou Yongkang case, the case was written in the "two high" report of Jiang Jiemin.

1  miscarriages of justice

[excerpt] the supreme law of the report to rectify Chen summer shadow kidnapping, Chen Man intentional homicide, arson and a number of major misjudged cases, from the profound lessons learned, perfecting the misjudged cases effective prevention, timely correction mechanism.

[excerpt] report of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate to self correction, the procuratorial organs from the complaint or investigators found "intentional murder case" Chen man "Qian Renfeng put dangerous substances case" and "Xu Jinlong 4" robbery "Yang Ming homicide" misjudged cases, appeal or retrial procuratorial suggestions are put forward. The people’s court according to law retrial acquittal.


As for the


"Chen man did not pay court to apply for state compensation

in the Supreme Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate work report, mentioned the case of Chen Man.

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