Open the dream reality, the last mile

innovation and entrepreneurship competition to a large number of young entrepreneurs to provide a very good opportunity, at the same time, these entrepreneurs also tell their own strength, Vc firms to support the right choice.

held at the end of the "2015 Hangzhou overseas high-level talents for innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the Wang Mengqiu team by virtue of computer vision and intelligent control fusion technology" off his crown, and won a $15 million investment to help the wind. When it will be headquartered in Hangzhou dream town, but also from the government to obtain a 5 million yuan venture capital fund, a free area of 3500 square meters of office and the introduction of 50 sets of talent apartments.

Wang Mengqiu is more than

"Hangzhou is the land of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship is to create the environment." This year, Hangzhou proposed to create China Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the concept, the Zhejiang Provincial Committee, Hangzhou party secretary Zhao Yi is the focus of the future of Hangzhou. At the moment, along with the "double" into the rational, government and society continue to force in space, capital, policy and other elements of the supply side, dreams and reality of "Wang Mengqiu" who, in this city is to achieve the seamless connection.

for Thanksgiving, the young Jiang Wei love will HD-PARK defined it as "home settled". While in Hangzhou, to recommend

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