Loudi, the third female college students entrepreneurship training ended successfully

college students entrepreneurs, female college students also entered the development stage. Loudi set up a unique female college students entrepreneurship training courses for female college students to provide training support, has been successful in the half math.

this session of female university students entrepreneurship course of lectures, field investigation form, Loudi Vocational and Technical College experts, famous entrepreneurs and people club Bureau relevant leaders, from the city’s voluntary registration business 60 graduating female college students free business students required to have the basic skills and business plan design, "" Female College students’ value selection and employment "and" women social etiquette "," college students entrepreneurship training of relevant national policies "and 13 special lectures. Special class, organize students to inspect the Loudi Economic Development Zone, Industrial Park District Students Pioneer park. The assessment and evaluation, will be eligible for Hunan province human resources and social security department issued a "certificate of entrepreneurship training", businesses can enjoy the interest free, small loans and other provisions of the state support policies, arrangements for entrepreneurs to outstanding students one-on-one help, enjoy the city and Social Council and the Municipal Women’s Federation support policies within two years after graduation.

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