Henan Yexian County migrant workers home business welfare enjoy low threshold loans

to encourage the return of migrant workers entrepreneurship, Henan, Pingdingshan, China’s migrant workers to return to the countryside to provide a number of policy support, and help attract foreign investment credit support. After the introduction of the effect is significant, there have been more than migrant workers have chosen to return to venture capital.

10 7 April in Yexian County Sendai Zhen Pan Village, home business youth Wang Xueqin with your finger, into the wheat, grinding, automatic milling machine packaging integration will spread the rumbling sound. Wang Xueqin told reporters: This is thanks to the town government to create a relaxed environment for these entrepreneurs, so I have no worries." This is the town of migrant workers to invest 10 million yuan to start the project landed in Sendai scene.

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