How to join the big coffee seafood chef Kim

seafood has been a huge consumer market in the food and beverage market, the number of people who like to eat seafood, the market is considerable. But the market is always with countless changes, on the market now is a new big coffee variety of seafood, seafood and mixed together with a variety of different dishes, eat this new method, to give consumers new taste and visual experience, currently on the market there are a lot of big coffee seafood, seafood a lot of the most authentic seafood chef or gold coffee, then how to join the brand


gold chef seafood coffee to join? Need to meet the following conditions:

1, food and beverage industry is preferred

2, accept headquarters management

3, approved headquarters products

4, with certain management ability

gold chef seafood big coffee joining process is as follows:

1, telephone consultation

2, headquarters visits

3, signed a contract

4, pay fee

5, site decoration

6, shop business

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