2016 Jiangsu graduates job subsidies will be raised to 1500 yuan

now the whole society for college students some entrepreneurial activities have given a very loose policy, at the same time, college graduates in the early stage of entrepreneurship, can also receive subsidies.

Jiangsu to encourage the employment of college graduates multi-channel. Among them, to the designated counties below the north of Jiangsu Province (excluding County resident) grassroots units of employment, the service period of more than 3 years (including 3 years) of full-time college graduates, according to the relevant provisions of tuition compensation. Probation probation rate of over 50% trainee units, according to the standard of $1000 per allowance for the remaining 1 people, to give a one-time probationary subsidies. Will apply for job subsidies to adjust for job subsidies, the object extended to the national graduate student loans have been graduated from college graduates, subsidies from 2016 to 1500 yuan per person.

In fact,


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