To be able to do business is good at exploring and summarizing experience

no one will be born to do business, however, there will be no relationship, as long as good at exploring and summing up, it will be able to get business booming. I know Qu Ji is three years ago, a retailer, when more sick cousin Qu Ji, the Tanghe County People’s hospital diagnosed with esophageal cancer, the need for a penny, must be immediately hospitalized surgery, due to tight funds put all the goods to the shop in the village now Qu Ji. But more in Qu Ji cousin’s request, is also not refuse, only the next store, but Qu Ji can be said to be "more of a rolling pin, so utterly ignorant of the muddleheaded" cousin caught in the village shop.

initial operation was deceived

due to the lack of experience, Qu Ji more store opened not long, there are 2 cigarette guy pretending to be Tanghe County Bureau of tobacco smoke to give him 6 yuan, 7 yuan of the canal, johnson…… Qu Ji also did not do business, I would like to think that people are far away from the west to the cigarette shop in the door of our rural areas, not to be able to afford people? In persuading the 2 lads, into a part of the cigarette, paid the bill, he said: you first sold, we had a few days to you feeling what kind of cigarette sell, multi entry point, Qu Ji, nodded and said, ah!

2 a young man and drove away, half in the past, Tanghe County tobacco inspection to check the market down, Qu Ji more store a look, he smoke cigarettes, asking where he is in! He said it was sent by tobacco companies, inspectors said, you fooled! Who sent these cigarettes? Qu Ji more told inspectors, inspectors said that these are all fake cigarettes, tobacco companies did not, all is not with the bar code of the cigarettes.

Be startled at after

Qu Ji more listening, know yourself on others when, lost so much money, more tobacco inspectors said to Qu Ji: "after you into the smoke must be more careful, today you will see is to take the store, no experience, don’t punish you money the future, we must be careful, we put the smoke away destroyed."

and Gigi talk about doing business

I heard the song Ji more of a story, said to him: "you shop opened in the rural village, most of the existing alignment of the villagers, and next door neighbor, to your shop after genuine goods at a fair price, what kind of goods will take it from me! I would never treat you as the saying goes, "live and learn" the past to let him go! What brand of cigarettes will be needed in the future, only the distribution of the tobacco companies to send cigarettes to the car, you know? In the future, more attention is paid to the operation.

in this way, day after day, year after year, I became more and more acquaintances, he often open the old three rounds to my shop >

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