Liu Min entrepreneurial health shop business is very good

modern people due to incorrect diet and often stay up late and other bad habits, many people are out of shape, so that the body can regulate the health museum where everyone often go to places, there is a big sister to see the prospect of their own business opened this store, business is good.

12 month 14 days, weekend, 6:30 in the evening. Reporters arrived at the Wuhan Institute of Technology near the Chinese City Xindu Area at the entrance of the "Qi Xiu" slimming beauty shop, Liu Min is doing massage points closed to a customer. I saw her hands in the abdomen and waist, the customer walks between the shoulder blades, ten fingered by jumping, dazzling. 15 minutes down, only she has a sweater, forehead sweating slightly. While the other beds, the mother Zhang Qin and Guangdong apprentice is busy. On the sofa, there are six or seven customers waiting in line.

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