10000 yuan in rural areas to invest in what projects

vast rural land, is a good place to hold numerous business opportunities, thousands of entrepreneurs here to achieve their dream of becoming rich, and here will become your birthplace. As long as the election of the project, do not need a lot of money to invest, so simple to become rich, the following Xiaobian to show you just a $10000 venture in rural areas.

10000 yuan in rural areas to invest in what projects? Of course China Super indoor satellite receiver! CRE super indoor satellite receiver digital satellite signal receiver, the introduction of a new series of products such as high-frequency interference / Israel Aerospace Technology, uses the international advanced AOMM digital tuner compatible magnetic double layer technology, synchronous tracking in satellite tracker as the core, microcomputer automatic control, automatic positioning receiving NE GPS search, KU and C band satellite the signal line (S-vide), 1500 high resolution images.

The first target of

in rural areas with 10000 yuan investment in selected CRE super indoor satellite receiver, has its natural reason. "China" super indoor satellite receiver of broad market prospects, a large amount of. In a county-level city of 50 thousand family, including 20 thousand families using CRE super indoor satellite receiver, market gross profit was 20 thousand × (588 yuan -128) =920 million, the profit is very considerable.

10000 yuan in rural areas to invest in what projects? Have you made up your mind? Yes, China Super indoor satellite receiver, a high-tech new products, for the vast rural land will bring more fun, make our life more wonderful friends of farmers, make your life more prosperous future!

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