Sisters flower car delivery business to create a new life rich electricity supplier

The successful case of

female entrepreneurship entrepreneurship is beyond count, we can see that the market continues to mature, the two sisters from Chongqing will resolutely join the electricity rich open luxury car industry, shipping, opened his own entrepreneurial journey.

2014 in August 21st, said the Chongqing woman has three characteristics: "beautiful, capable, forthright". While living in Yubei District, a pair of sisters in Xiangjiaba, in their bodies, the three characteristics reflect the dripping fine. 32 year old sister Zhou, Zhou Ziyao, sister of the age of 26, two years ago, they began to engage in the electricity supplier industry, just two years, their achievements for all to see, nine months ago, the two sisters founded the studio. Open luxury car delivery, like to dance jazz dance, recently, the sister on micro-blog for global marriage. Reporter walked into their studio, as we understand the two sisters electricity supplier life.

Before the

but the high salary is not blocked by the sisters of the entrepreneurial dream, they came home from work every hour and moment not for their own entrepreneurial dream of thinking of the collision, in all possible places looking for business opportunities and mining.

Some skin care products for my own use

", and we will share in micro-blog, gradually have a group of loyal fans, and find business opportunities through micro-blog play sister yao. Micro-blog fans like her to share some of the skin care products, often ask these things is where to buy, want to ask her to help buy. "And introduce them to other places to buy, as our agent", the two sisters hit it off and began his entrepreneurial attempt.

"the beginning is very difficult, thanks to micro-blog fan’s support, in order to start, sister resigned from the consultant’s work, my heart began to run my own shop. Because of their early electricity supplier does not understand, do not know how to expand their source, the store is facing a stagnant state. Although the management of the shop to spend a lot of time, but my sister insisted to share their experience in micro-blog skin care, this is insisted that her store has been improved, micro-blog fans began to buy her products, and also for her self start publicity, shop business day day up.

as the business day big sister thought Yi also resigned from the executives of state-owned enterprises, and sister together to create studio to manage their shop, because of wide, large circle of contacts, in the help of Yi shop has developed into a very large scale, the studio staff also increased to four, their monthly profit of more than 500 thousand.

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