What are the secrets of Li Hailong’s selling cigarettes

some shops, although not large, but because of the operator’s business strategy, so that the sales of shops amazing, Li Hailong’s shop is so. When he saw Li Hailong, he was loading a van. Although the weather was cool in the morning, he was full of sweat, and the white T-shirt was almost soaked and clung to him.

"from 7 to 9, I have sent two goods in the next two hours, this is the third. These cigarettes are used by customers at home." Li Hailong’s face was full of smiles.

Li Hailong

"is the name of the hotel name cigarettes" is located in Henan city of Yima province Chiaki mine club door. Do not look at his shop is only 30 square meters, the type of business is not much, but his cigarette sales average of more than 1800 per month, in the city’s similar retail formats can be regarded as a leader.

take advantage of the rest of the gap Li Hailong, I asked him to sell cigarettes three tips".

go out to expand the market

this year’s sales situation, I also felt the pressure. So, I must change ideas, update thinking, in order to achieve the change to win." Li Hailong said that due to their own shops located in the mining area, the main target of mine workers. In the past do not go out in the store business is coming, but now the coal mine production, workers holiday, if still sitting in the store and other business that is completely finished."

Li Hailong’s shop is located next to the national highway, in front of which is a long-distance bus stop point. The Spring Festival this year after a day in the morning, Li Hailong just opened the door, from outside came in seven or eight with the bedding, holding shovels and other tools of middle-aged people. After entering the shop, each of these people buy a "Taishan (Hartmann)" cigarette. In a conversation with these people, Li Hailong learned that these friends are migrant workers from Shandong, chemical project site construction work to the city of Yima launched a new. This project for two years, construction workers and migrant workers in about 800 people. "Well, you have our Shandong made of cigarettes, and we’ll come to you later." Before leaving, a migrant worker’s words reminded Li Hailong.

the next day, Li Hailong began to pay attention to the nearby construction projects. In order to seize this opportunity and project construction of migrant workers in the consumer groups, he used every day at noon time to rest, to find the person responsible for the project construction site and contractors, understand the relevant information of project construction from them. To this end, he also designed a table top mark "the name of the project, construction period, and the number of provinces, foreign population cigarette consumption brands", then go deep into each construction site to carry out the survey.

"a month of hard work is worth

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