Slight error prone loss of business customers

shop business is hot, often have a lot of customers at the same time, as a result of poor greeting, it is inevitable that there will be a slight suspicion, if the customer can not wait, this business will inevitably miss. Therefore, the shop can do business can not afford to neglect the customer, otherwise it is likely to miss the opportunity oh.

this morning, the sky has played a drizzle lightly. For those of us who are located in the remote small shops, such lingering rainy days, is the most light business time. At noon, the east tobacco grocery store boss Bi Zhenyu took a bottle of wine and some wine came to my shop, looking for my husband to drink and chat. This is the boss and my husband is a child grew up with friends, a time, two people together to drink. After the boss and grocery store in the county of East has been for more than and 10 years, the shop business has been good, last year, he was in the vicinity of the county development zone has opened a new branch.

shop people together, inevitably will say something about business. After drinking a glass of wine, the boss said seriously: "eldest brother, sister-in-law, I have something to trouble you, can you give me a spirit of the spirit of God, look at the stall shop girl ah? Come to my shop to work, what are the wages of kazakhstan!" Curious, I asked, "isn’t that a young saleswoman in your new store?" The boss sighed and said, "don’t mention it, three days ago, I got fired!"

the boss to bi Shou shop young female clerk surnamed Zhang, had just graduated from junior high school, home in the vicinity of the small village. The boss said that Zhang Bi, although the appearance looks pretty beautiful, but this little girl usually have an eye, the eyes can not see things, to work a shop boss after half a year, this morning, the store cleaning goods such as finishing work depends on the boss ordered the appointment, albert. At noon, fewer customers, let her keep a shop, she just sat in the corner of the store to play with the phone, placed in the shop on the shelves of a whole "Yellow Crane Tower" let the thief took away she did not know.

The new boss

Bi County near the bus station, there are two residential areas, five points every afternoon at seven o’clock when the store is the most, the most busy business, after the boss was always at this time of day from the old riding electric cars rushed over to help. One day, the boss to attend Bi because a friend of my father’s funeral, delay time, near six when arrived at the store, when Albert boss came to the shop door, suddenly saw a regular shopping in their shops in the customer holding a dozen of "Yuxi" from a cigarette and liquor vendor at the opposite end of the walk out.

the customer looked up and saw the boss Albert, he explained: "feel shy ah, I just went to your store, your family too old to me, I’m in a hurry to go to Shijiazhuang for his son engagement today, come here to buy cigarettes, Bi boss, I go back.

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