2014 want to start asking yourself these 7 things

year after year is very fast, only to do their own planning, in order to make life more colorful. 2014  year is coming, are you going to have a new beginning, for example, quit her job and start your own business? Congratulations, this idea is not alone, after all, an office worker, what is arbitrary, free more enjoyable? But seemingly free of pleasure with the factors behind the rhythm, it is all uneasy, such as intensity of work may actually be more onerous, and the income of workers is far from stable.

1.  no leadership you will mess up your

2.  ask yourself: you are an inventor or entrepreneur?

3. your business idea whether users benefit from

although there is "love is a way of earning money, but in real life to profit is far not so simple. Although passion for the product is an important part, but only your own love of the product is not enough, have to come up with practical information to prove to the user, investors see.

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