3 15 special business circle in which all the fraud

The word "false

" almost filled with our present in any market, also let countless people suffer. The annual "3· 15 consumer rights day" as scheduled. Fake has become the eternal theme of various industries, entrepreneurship is also a huge number of false phenomenon.

for this reason, small series of the industry has been the industry has been a false phenomenon, most of the industry is the unspoken rules". When the small partners have already read these open secret ", when, perhaps only with the word "ha ha" to express the current mood.

1, financing fraud

recently, Wo Wo Group and several other companies suspected of false financing amount, pushed to the cusp of the media. Wo Wo Group accused of financing the amount of fraud. During the Spring Festival, Xu Xiaoping launched in micro-blog to resist the amount of false financing, fake began to cause an unprecedented concern circle.

false financing has already been an open secret in the industry. Many entrepreneurs are generally the amount of financing over three to ten times daily, will offer RMB into dollars, or will the valuation into the amount of financing, or by method of fuzzy number, for example, will be 10 million yuan of financing report into the tens of millions of yuan, will say thousands of millions of dollars million dollars. In addition there are some additional false financing, entrepreneurs through the media deliberately spread unwarranted financial information or acquisition of information campaign.

overall, entrepreneurs false financing amount, there are many reasons: 1) to provide the media broke the news, taking advantage of the marketing; 2) to put pressure on competitors; 3) to the LP investment institutions; 4) investment institutions acquiescence false number, to enhance brand awareness. The founding team and investors have signed a confidentiality agreement, so in the short term, if the company is not listed by the disclosure of earnings, false investment amount is difficult to be exposed, "fraud" almost zero risk, zero cost. You lie off the end result may be forced to become aggravated with false competitors, the amount of financing, in the momentum overwhelm each other.

2, App brush list

App marketing and promotion gradually increase the difficulty. A newly developed application, how in the App Store hundreds of thousands, millions of applications quickly come to the fore? Have a certain financial strength of the developers will take the shortcut, the first choice of the fastest brush list service, the use of the way to apply the brush to the general list, so as to get more downloads and user attention.

brush list not only in the entrepreneurial company as a universal means of promotion, many large companies are operating. Last year, Ctrip mobile terminal downloads soared to the top of the list, the industry insiders pointed out that there is a clear brush list traces. Youku, 360