Entertainment treasure triggered hot media risk index you know how much

recently, a lot of people should know that Ali launched a very popular product – Entertainment treasure, and it took only two days, they traded a total of fifty thousand pen. This also led to the media hot debate, but such entertainment treasure also has the risk, you know how much?

Many problems encountered shooting, the shooting schedule and

input before shooting the risk of

movie from plan to shoot into the actual shooting angle is selected, the first layer of risk, star selection, schedule, fee and other issues is the greater uncertainty in the film before, this one involves the time and economic costs.

The film also has a risk of

release schedule is very important, the off-season release, box office is not guaranteed, the cost can not be recovered, but also about income. Peak season, the pressure of competition, if the same schedule has more excellent film release, the box office also has an adverse impact on income is difficult to guarantee.

if you had no experience in this area, it is best not to try. Even if you are really interested, it will take time to learn more about the details of the project. Only clear their choice of investment specific operations and profitability, will encounter problems in a timely manner.


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