The three reason for the new station within a month to go beyond the old station ranking

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site outside the chain for the chain, stability and the best quality

spiders crawl the integrity and improve the new master program, and connected to the

This idiom is

website also pursue the site outside the chain so much wrong, now the site outside the chain should be the pursuit of stability and quality, such as why my website to be able to seize the love of Shanghai ranked in a short period of time, my first site outside the chain is very stable, I will go to the A5 or Chinaz submission intervals of a few days, so in the invisible website increases the stability of the chain, help website rankings. Secondly, I choose the site is high weight, high PR site, do the chain no matter more or less can improve the quality of the chain site in these sites, the author suggests that no matter what type of website should be based on the stability and quality in the construction of the chain, less to the forum, go to the station.

site is the most simple WP, but when I was established on the site to insert a page with plug-in, after this website online website spider crawl guaranteed at least three points: one is the web crawl, promote website; two is the capture speed, the spider more >

the slow need to start early. believe most Adsense are heard, but this idiom has stumped many webmaster, how can Benniao first fly? This involves the head of the executive power. Most of the time our website is not able to go beyond the old site, also not to be search engine support, some specific behavior but webmaster affect the final development of the website, the author set up a new website, but 27 days ago, an index in the 300 words now occupy second love Shanghai I believe, webmaster friends will feel surprised, a new website is how to go beyond the old site of

original content is a must, if your website content even the original do not, there is no need to proceed to the next step, our website content is not only to do the original, should also do the following three points. A website is a content word, many webmaster have this feeling, some words in 300-500 words of love in Shanghai is now rarely included, and some words in 1000 words above can easily be loved in Shanghai included, we can see from the number of words included the importance, the author suggests personal website content a number of words should be at least 2000 words, if the team website, so it should be more than 1000 words in words. Two is the update time of website content, website content update time should be the search engine the most active time, so at night after 11 to second days before 5 in the morning is the best time to update. Three is the correlation between the understanding of the content, but the correlation is very simple, as long as one with the theme of the site or site relationship can be, not necessarily to the main content of related keywords.

Now if

content not only to the original, also look at the key words, the time, the correlation between

Observation and summary of future search engine adjustment direction may reach

I believe that the role of

third, the user’s search behavior will directly affect the website weight.

with love as everyone knows, Shanghai launched Scindapsus algorithm, Mars, pomegranate and so on a series of adjustment algorithm, the needless to say, is to purify the Internet air from various aspects, and vigorously support the intention to do the hard station webmaster, after adjustment for love Shanghai as an ordinary Shanghai dragon staff, how can we in keep up with the pace of future search engine, as soon as possible to adapt to search engine, I think it is very important in accordance with the standards of search engine, today the author’s own understanding and to optimize for their love of Shanghai to understand and share the future website optimization direction we should grasp what key points.

first, the quality of the chain will be again to new heights.

website, we call the most is the original, original content is indeed very important, but most of the time we write articles are standing in the search engine’s point of view to consider, as long as the original can be included on the OK, the result of this article is included, but the ranking? The content of the website you will not have a substantial help for the user, there is no authoritative brand of unique ideas, in this case a lot of authoritative brand too numerous to mention, the website can be said that almost no update, a week, a month, or even for a long time, but its rank and weight is unshakable. The main reason is that the content for user generated value, professional and authoritative website as long as a valuable thing will cause an uproar in the industry, more than Such as the recent Shanghai frequent love announcement, either on the content of the chain or spam, have caused no small waves in the industry, can build brand value in the industry’s own website search engine for the latter will give a higher weights website.

second, the website authority and brand factors will improve your weight to a great extent.

We are now in the

site outside the chain mainly includes two aspects, first, to provide access to our website and grab for search engine spiders, especially in the early online website, like the rest on its laurels, this time for a chain high weight will greatly increase the frequency of spiders to crawl the website, improve website exposure. Secondly, the chain can play a very good recommendation and vote, our website is a lot of platform quoted or reproduced the core is the proportion of voting will be strengthened and recognized by all means, we believe that nature is good, is really good, indirect level it caters to the search engine. Summary: through the above two I believe that before we try to find the chain site high weight platform, attract spiders crawl is the core. Later, other web site outside the chain to get more votes is the key to grasp the above two points, I think a lot to the number of the chain, do not pay attention to the quality of friends should pay attention to yourself every day, what is to do the chain.

this point the most obvious.

Wangzhuan common tricks secretThe brilliance of the advertising mission site will surely go into the


is a constant color on online gambling, is now a hot trick on the network, whether we often see advertisements in the group of experts, take you to play s.s.c earn 500 AD, in fact experts will make money, why would he take you to make money together, eat


For example, 178


shlf1314 on the most common of a trick, we see free training, guidance operations, the project operating income will be at least 3000 yuan or more is


after years of running, in the 07 year, when the advertising task website of the originator, atask station due to copycat and operations over the poor, to collapse by 58 AD webmaster task network first, commissioned by Chen, 3000 yuan to develop this program. This program was already has a prototype advertising task site, function of basic taste but because of the condition at that time, and not too many details, then a few years also increased the details of the project, a few websites related innovation which is the earliest, the advertising task network.

analysis of deception: the so-called hook day to earn 100 of the project, is the brush flow, and then sold for alliance points, a day to sell more than 100 fast. Do you want that league, this SB?. However, this traffic alliance is a fraud alliance. When the victim when can brush to make money, a liar will K off the victim’s account, the victim asked what happened to come to a liar, liar will say that your site is 2 K corn alliance will start when the liar to the victims of a 2 grade corn, to pay 188 and then help you have a level 1 the corn and the site, can be a normal brush alliance, but the victims pay 188, directly pull the black


analysis of deception: the so-called s.s.c expert, is an agent of a constant color platform, platform will follow his membership in every color platform consumer how much there are about 10% of the Commission, so what they are experts in the promotion of efforts to bring you the day to earn 500. every color platform to make money, "experts" to make money so, the ultimate victims is playing s.s.c gambling, some s.s.c agents earn HeiXinQian, called members of mad money, finally make the "experts", lose the member, they directly put you out of T group after losing

you see above the hook project earned 100 projects although the price to sell 88 a quick tutorial, not too much, the victim is to see the price is not expensive, even cheated nor the so-called psychological, but behind the biggest secret is

scam one: Hang day earn 100 project

networks offer endless ways to make money,. I believe everyone has played some games, games, you have been cheated by others what equipment, money. As Wangzhuan game, where there was a trick, when many novice just beginners have been fooled, but after the irreparable loss. The report without the door, only dumb are suffering. To lose money on the network and confidence, today’s article, let me analyse a forum inside advertising scam: a role for everyone!

probably vaguely remember, the earliest advertising task, site type, should have been relatively hot Bux station. That is, by simply clicking through the ads, you get a certain amount of money. At that time, understand the beginning, overlapping SP alliance of the Internet boom began the era of big bumps, wangzhuan. And this kind of Bux site abroad also entered China at a relatively fast rate.

trick two: often experts teach you free day earn 500

and the advertising task network, after which the shepherd 178, know-all A new force suddenly rises., etc. beyond count had joined in the website. A 2010 advertising task class website is brilliant, but due to the payment of costs are relatively high, and the excessive competition is intense, many sites caused by malicious competition, such as over 10 Fen withdrawals per click, pay 1 yuan, loss of business. The advertising task website competition, one after another, and no one can really make money, can be said to be very sad. At that time also caused many users of Wangzhuan lost confidence, also in this key.

stop paying more than half a year, shlf1314 union closed, know-all refused to pay and other events. And after the emergence of predators I want to send advertising task long task network by malicious advertising advertisers, money laundering letter, sealed part of the membership payment account restrictions, it is to deceive many people to join to help its promotion, and more recently, rumors of his message to run away, it is.

! !

atask but it was no virtue, free sale of this kind of program, also created a website advertising task after the flood, and finally become a can not be ignored in the category of a web site. At that time, because there is no more perfect encryption measures, it can be said that many versions of the source documents have been sold. Most websites do not pay, do not mention the present, and are only profitable through the sales process. And atask also because of lack of innovation and mode of transition in the late repeated, but reluctantly withdrew from this trend. In addition to the station, another site with a full program has only one 58task, so after the storm in 2009, 58task became one of the few remaining mission sites.

however, because this model is relatively mature, many participants cannot obtain money motivation the majority to operate for 1 years, can earn 1 yuan, but also for basic development pattern, Pyramid pattern, no innovation at all.

trick three: make money first, pay tuition

Medical website Shanghai dragon also useful it

first, because of the fierce competition, brand words have heat in the search engine very hot, a unique brand of words have been ranked several pages, a popular word is unthinkable. Therefore, those words and brand popular keywords is not easy to do in front of, especially for the new station is even more so. So, the long tail word coverage is another breakthrough. These long tail words were not chosen at random, need to be screened with the needs of users to search. For example, in some of the symptoms of the disease, certain symptoms of what is going on "," a certain symptom is what disease "and so on with the nature of the word is ask users search more, but the competition is not big, if included is normal, as long as the corresponding content can have a good ranking. Although the search is not popular keywords, but the coverage rate is large enough, can also bring a lot of transformation, and the transformation of the long tail word rate is relatively high.

2012 June, Shanghai love began to increase efforts to crack down on Shanghai Longfeng, especially for the medical website, behind the launch of a series of algorithm is also the medical site was the most severe blow. There are several medical Shanghai dragon friends, are unable to bear the blow and turns left the industry. The medical industry is one of the most crazy network marketing industry, competition has almost reached saturation. Many people think that the medical Shanghai dragon very difficult, on the one hand because the medical industry is more sensitive to love Shanghai or other search engines I stare too tight, on the other hand is too fierce competition, the same brand word has multiple sites of competition. A lot of people do, feel the hair of the chain, general

the second medical website of Shanghai Longfeng have instant marketing more. In fact, this instant marketing has from pure Shanghai dragon far. The real-time marketing mainly includes the source of news, micro-blog, the new station bombing. The news source is a kind of marketing means love Shanghai K station after the rise, some of the weight of high news or information websites provide soft release platform, as long as one can be effective, popular word can also be relatively easy to get good rankings, if the quality is good enough, ranking also can continue for a long period of time. It is a very common medical websites do this "free rider" type of marketing. The other is by micro-blog, WeChat and other means of real-time marketing, transformation through the cultivation of customers, which is an extension of the traditional Shanghai dragon. Finally, we must mention is the railway station bombing. Medical websites are often in order to win, including the number of sites, a person can have several sites, a dead and another patch. Especially love Shanghai to intensify the crackdown of.

original basic means are not what effect. Then, the Shanghai Dragon Medical is not used? In fact, Shanghai dragon medical or useful, but due to various reasons, not to use the general means of operation. The medical industry of Shanghai dragon is moving in two directions of development: one is the long tail word extension, the other one is real-time marketing.

In May 28th after Google and love Shanghai update


fell in love with the sea is not PR, but the love of Shanghai has its own weight algorithm, apparently frequent updates to the site and the original content site is high weight site, even if Google PR value is 0. I think this update will make many of our webmaster of the site’s weight will have a new understanding. This article from: what method can fast acne www.lclxfzgg贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please keep the source

second, often update site enterprises, generally lower PR value. Due to the anti chain Google no longer update, led to some enterprise stand alone outside the chain to enhance the PR enterprise station all drop weight. I have a business update station every day the chain, but not too many changes in the content of the website, but the Google rather baffling my PR2 site down to pr1. After the enterprise station Links strategy some difficult.

event: 1.2011 years in May 28th, Shanghai love data update, Google PR update

, often update the resource site, and contains a large number of original content update site. Google PR values generally rise, included but love Shanghai seems very smooth. I have a recruitment site, originally built in January, updated daily, now Google PR value up to 2, but included love Shanghai without much change.

update this two times, it is a joy a worry. Joy is the Google PR some Shanghai Longfeng resources site value, original content of sites included growth; the worry is not updated frequently and the chain is not powerful enterprise site PR decreased, but the love of Shanghai included and chain a little change. Love Shanghai data update, has led to some of the sites included reducing the chain to reduce some of the keyword ranking is reduced; some sites included doubled, keyword ranking was in dozens of moments, on the front page. Such signs, explains what


I have enterprise resources station, station, there are often updated, not updated often, there is a strong chain, the chain is not strong. Through some data analysis, I summed up the search engine update to view for webmaster friends reference.


the two points above we can see that the two largest search engine after the update of Shanghai dragon world will form such a situation, it is often easier to obtain updates to the site will be Links, may also get high weight of the site Links, not frequently updated site will be subject to some of the questions of Shanghai dragon.

Methods to find the long tail keywords




statistical software


analysis of your competitors

analysis of long tail keywords conversion rate of

long tail keywords conversion rate is directly related to the website can benefit, so to the site of the long tail keywords regular analysis, put some long tail keywords conversion rate and low down, make great efforts to do long tail keywords high conversion rate. So slowly will be the best use of long tail keywords. It is more difficult to do. "

loves Shanghai

The use of

stood in the user’s point of view


a website

if you watched a competitor, you can see how they are found and the optimization of the long tail keywords. You may have no keywords to do so, analysis of competitors can also find a lot of long tail keywords.

tools / materials

? The method steps

from the user’s point of view to consider. Is it better? In fact, a website main keywords do not only, and not necessarily the users will choose the word, standing in the user’s point of view can let the site increase the chance for users to find the.

Related search


the inquiry platform


as you search for "web design", will be "relevant search web design tutorial web designer web page design software, web design web design web design appreciation Three Musketeers web production web design web design report, these are the key words of the long tail can find a way. Also, when you enter the drop-down box, there are more search words.

website traffic statistical software, statistical background on the site, find the search engine keyword – bar, which shows the user enters your site search keywords, filtering out the larger flow, survived longer words, two optimization, improve traffic and conversion rate. This can make you good ranking page ranking better again, the flow is bigger.

in the inquiry platform, you will find the long tail keywords various all sorts of strange things, these are long tail keywords the user needs, so they will have to pay attention to it. We are not familiar with this kind of platform, such as Shanghai etc. know love. These are good methods.

real flow breakthrough point is the long tail keywords, the key point is to enhance the site traffic. If the site had one thousand long tail keywords, long tail word count each day brings 10 IP, one thousand words long tail of ten thousand IP, the flow is amazing. So how to master key regardless of the rank of the website, the role of long tail keywords are important, rely on the long tail keywords to get traffic is normal. So, how to find the long tail keywords

You can install the

In 8.22 Shanghai announcement message of love

2, combined with various data. May refer to other search engine data, reference statistics and so on, comprehensive consideration of the quality of the site.

love Shanghai official on August 22nd announcement that Shanghai will further upgrade the love algorithm, mainly directed at the content of cheating in the site. Has been for many webmaster "content is king" as a motto, but most of them are not relying on original content to truly practice the truth, but a "pseudo original", "collection" of these methods to achieve the goal of the site "content is king".

The original identification of

4, 360 for web search. The last 360 search menacing, love Shanghai also reacted quickly, not only will the 360 search past love Shanghai know a hint, and engage in a security alliance". 360 has been playing first is safety, love Shanghai in this regard can not be a sign of weakness, but I do not know the announcement fifth pointed out that "the site has a large number of illegal or fraudulent content, may cause the user property loss had much effect, the smiling without a word.

search engine for the content is difficult, is not only technical, more realistic situation. Ancient poetry, masterpieces of goodwill share…… The reality of the situation is not all judgment of a site is high quality or low quality. A guess for the love Shanghai upgrade algorithm announcement.

23 love Shanghai was updated, and the end of the forum is blown not coming, the webmaster didn’t like 6.28 so that Starving people fill the land. K webmaster, not much. Love Shanghai algorithm change eventually, how to do the "content is king" this is the next priority among priorities of webmaster, how to play the cards would see you. The original classic quotations, welcome reproduced with link.

1, according to the website of the original degree (the proportion of the original article) to judge. In fact, this does not need to guess, announcement second "most" to point out, in other words, ensure that the site has a certain proportion of the original article, this site can still survive.

3, social sharing data. The user experience is paid more and more attention, social sharing more and more love Shanghai mentioned tools. I believe in the future of love Shanghai algorithm, will be more involved, but it is also a difficulty.

The site is down right how to do

!Three, the recent operation of



!Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

website right down topics:

special chain optimization:


: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

so we can get if the domain name node detection, this part mainly involves two points: first, second DNS domain problems, server problems. The stability check of DNS, this point is generally not easy to check, it is easy to be the owners believe that the server is not stable. But can still through the PING data to examine, for example: the use of love station tools for PING detection, so if there is a problem the timeout some nodes may be: server room, two DNS. But then continue through the website: IP detection "timeout problem: if you still can be determined as: a room or a single web server problems. IP: and if there was no "timeout" but through the "domain name" node detection is a "timeout", then it can be identified as: the domain name DNS server problems, please contact the domain name service provider to resolve, or simply consider replacing the domain name server. For example: will show the response of IP and response time, and a plurality of nodes can be compared to "Chinese million net" domain name, or relatively ideal

or manslaughter!Two, check the

, a right down time to check

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

hardware environment

recently what sensitive operation, such as: snapshot stop or back. The content, the chain is not a normal update, the best check included: included is not a surge, or has recently been stopped included, the chain is increased or deleted. Keywords modified? Modify the website? Or content, the chain more than usual to make a sudden increase or reduce the update. If so, it is best to check the website: the recent snapshot whether there is abnormal, you can use the "love Shanghai webmaster tools to view

to find a specific right down time, this point is very important, for example: love Shanghai on line 2.19 before and after the algorithm Scindapsus aureus is right down the site, it is probably because trading links and website drop right processing. Even without this problem, check whether the change rule of the search engine, or accidental case this is a very important problem. Check right down time, suggest stationmaster choice: "historical data" love station network view! Website is at what time is right down, but there are still great coefficients have inextricably linked

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

How to judge the site was K

website right down topics:

this is the Shanghai dragon Er most want to see, but the site has been K station the most obvious display, website ranking 100 after all. This phenomenon is often on behalf of the site has been K.

site is K station is the most obvious manifestation included zero, link overload. Then through the love number index data and the chain of Shanghai webmaster tools to building site is K station. If you do not verify love Shanghai Webmaster Tools friends on the site, can use traditional language commands site and link to check the judgment.

first, use love to check hesso lead.

second, use the domain command to check.


webmaster website once K is equivalent to nearly half of our efforts but can not deny the ashes to ashes, many optimization techniques over are the result of our website was one reason K station. Of course, in addition to their operational reasons, and from the outside is linked to the horse and other reasons. So today I want to discuss with you and Dan is how to determine the site is K.

fifth, website ranking 100 after all.

third, to check through the network log.

The Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

special chain optimization:

in the search engine search input domain command bar, if there is no record, but included, so we are sorry to tell you that the site is indeed K stand.

K station?As we all know

in the search engine directly enter the domain name, if not the domain name, but the domain of the text display is not found that the site was K station.


BR is 0, the website ranking no, this is the

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

fourth, direct search domain check.

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

sixth, anti chain check.

through the network log service we can check the spider crawling path, if we found no traces of the spider crawling website has been a long time, so that the site was K station.

site is another obvious K station is the reverse chain decrease, especially to reduce the Links. Usually, the chain will pay more attention to the site than you, once found the site was K will remove the speed chain, so as to avoid collateral punishment by search engine.

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

user >


Love Haifa nervous Shanghai dragon ER in the future how to walk along the road

we have a client’s website, I do more than a month with conventional optimization methods, the weight increased from 0 to 1, ranked by 100 members outside the row to love Shanghai second, as shown below:


this is the first of a new site in the website to collect content rarely, there is no use of the technique of cheating, we normally do outside the chain, so it was not love the Shanghai attack. It seems love Haifa nerves are not recklessly, at least.

since the last love Shanghai twice on our website K later, after ranking fell to one hundred, there is no way we had to use love to do the Shanghai promotion ranking. For three days we included the site every day from the original 1400 helicopter to 3800, and also ranked directly on the home page. By Friday, we accidentally discovered the site Domain and returned to normal in A5 webmaster tools can query to our website ranking. From the point of view of these circumstances, Shanghai love promotion or quite helpful. As shown below, our July 6th website Domain query.

in fact from his words we can draw, the future of Shanghai dragon will be more and more fine, the future will go vertical, the road of enterprise. Then Shanghai dragon Er are also close to the operation of the group will. The future of personal development will be more and more difficult……


but our website weekend good times don’t last long, suspended for two days without having sex in Shanghai promotion, the results of our website ranking also fell to one hundred outside and Domain query is not in the home page of our website. In this two days we had no internal structure of website construction did not collect relevant content on our website, so you can be sure that we are not likely to cheat, but love Shanghai why once again to our website K? According to my analysis is: love Haifa nerve like! Shown below, Domain query our website today.


love the face of Shanghai for two times to send "nerve", let the Shanghai dragon Er future way? Shanghai dragon circles only once for the future development of Shanghai dragon is to say:


loves Shanghai be the most changeful let us puzzled, let us do anything. Really should be a sentence "hard to go back decades before the reform and opening up, we should know, Shanghai dragon Er work actually very bitter but is not to make money, but I think it is tempered, you only have to keep learning, continue to surpass themselves, then you are likely to become a qualified Shanghai Dragon er.