Chen Xiaohuan the common site of love Shanghai included problems and Solutions

when the corporate website first, there is a new station: Nanjing decoration construction team, the domain name is贵族宝贝, is now in the top. Build a day on the night included, and the second day Shanghai first love immediately. So the website construction and structure is very important for the love of Shanghai included.

Many webmaster for

for new sites included problems.

how to solve?1

2 do not use the frame structure and the JS jump, the use of HTML language.

5 the appropriate original articles and pseudo original combination. The site within the original, must be related to the original article, for example we do website optimization, you can start a stock, it is wide of the mark.

love Shanghai problems included a headache, especially some novice webmaster, when building a new website, they hope the day was love Shanghai website included, the next day will be able to reach the first page love Shanghai in the top three, and this is their goal. But easier said than done? After the example certification, only with the search engine habits of web pages, websites, forums, blog will be more easily included love Shanghai. Below we will be down from the railway station, power station, K station and the old station were about how to solve site problems included love Shanghai.

For the two

included new sites, is actually very simple, why some new sites included is faster, some new sites included more slowly? Is a part of the webmaster to quickly make their websites were included to love Shanghai, love Shanghai "initiative to submit the center will submit home page, and do the full introduction of some spiders love Shanghai work, such as the structure of the home page page content, and adequate quantity and website internal link structure, it is easy for search engine spiders crawling.

drop right station and the station was K included.

love Shanghai included, as the name suggests, is in love with a grasp of the site related to sea spider, and will meet the requirements of the "send love Shanghai to a love Shanghai server.

3 the appropriate chain guide crawling spider web love Shanghai, let the search engines crawl the site better.

Remember to give me a As for the

drop right site included problems, need to find the reasons, such as its website source, it would need to modify the source code of the website.

drop right site generally have several common situation, some drop right station site home page is not the first, but some stand directly by drop right home page, can not find a snapshot of the home page, and part of the site is included is 1, it only included the website homepage. We need to solve the general is the situation of the station. In these cases we

6 K station, in addition to the > method

4 IIS to view the log log, if the feedback from the love Shanghai spiders crawl is normal, from normal included is not far away.

Master ad campaign proposal for conquering advertising affiliate sitesHorizontal expansion or vertic

has become so important to the grasp of the trend that the "beacon" of the head echelon is self-evident. Since last June, the second month will release the popular original short video UGC list at the beginning of February 2017, the first list released, careful people can see a short video in the new year a few important variables: for example, "Papi sauce" is through the MCN transition to obtain greater possibility, "love gossip grow the association is with the strong interaction and all the fans to expand capacity, complete self iteration.

‘Papi sauce’ ranks 280 million on month third, while the list has more than 200 million creators in 11 months.

lateral expansion super IP hatch "trumpet"

more important, maybe a short video on the vertical field continue to rise if the 2016 "Pan entertainment" occupy a more short video of the user’s mind, so in 2017, the breakthrough of different segments will be the main tone of short video industry.

just left the near 2016, China’s short video industry is a year of great momentum, and more optimistic judgment is that it is also the next round of the eve of the outbreak of greater.


, for example, in the gourmet list, "magic food" to 230 million hits the summit; in the fashion list, "Jun Pingda devil" captured a large number of fans hearts, topped the list.

‘s "love gossip growth Association" featured 430 million in the month and second in

dimension compared to graphic content monotonous, the video itself is a three-dimensional and more "IP" of the media state; and in contrast to the traditional video on the website of the content of work, because it can be embedded into the user every day each fragment of leisure time, a short video in the creation and dissemination of all more light – the new year, there will be more in homogeneity in the text on the content of entrepreneurs to short video.

as you know, a short video flame originated in 2013 started a prairie fire in 2016.

— and the superposition of IP attribute content are more susceptible to specialization, but the vertical field has stronger bargaining and liquidity, rational capital may be more inclined to the vertical project.

promotion: 1001zf/? Is your recommendation are members of


can be seen from the original list data:

list to let investors see a short video market potential, but in my opinion, because — and the superposition of IP attributes are more likely to have a professional, but the vertical field has stronger bargaining and liquidity, rational capital may be more inclined to the vertical project.

Abstract: due to the

recommended advertisers: each recommend one of advertisers to join, will receive the advertisers by the consumption of 10%

user= your alliance ID

Although the launch of

"two more video" continued in the short video industry’s leading momentum, with 560 million months to play the first place;

conquest advertising alliance 1001zf

The this event has officially started since October 27, 2007,

Meters music will soon be listed three new board target future capital marketsIf competition means b

technology news September 5th morning news, recently, Beijing meters online Polytron Technologies Inc meters Music announced to the new board listed letter, this month will officially visit the capital market, this also means that the other leading meters music online music platform has become the first China music shares.

the "wrong" is how to stop investors exit

for the "wrong" investors, there are usually four ways to stop even the protection of the existing their income:

it is understood that in July this year, Chinese music group and Tencent to complete the digital music business with the music market, three world situation is thus broken, music, cool dog, cool has become one family, and occupy a large market share. In the music market layout has gradually become clear, the mobile music industry to take off the listing of single difficult, is evident. At the same time, Yue music in early this year has plans to list three new board, the successful listing, will become the first Chinese music stocks.

this statement is also true, you do not see the present enterprise PR draft, all like to emphasize their investors team, Tencent, Sequoia, IDG, the real thing, Jinsha River…… Not all is this? Well-known investors do have very strong brand endorsement for the project, but we are more curious is that these investors how profitable? The investment industry simply "fundraising and investment, management and exit" four work, the most important of the "retreat" words on behalf of the profit. We have inventory of various institutions today exit method.

is like Xu Xinzhi in Liu Qiangdong, Sun Zhengyi in Ma Yun, Wang Gang in the process dimension. The title of investors to bring you the consistent impression is: gold master, abundant resources, long-term vision, hundreds of thousands of times the investment return seems to be everybody talked about once a project is well-known investor concern, it will inevitably be success.

11 years 14 years, thousands of war car wars, 15 years O2O, 16 years, 17 years of live sharing Internet cycling, the competition is more and more intense, the competition from product, brand, deduce the change to the "cidaojianhong" subsidy wars. Every winner is accompanied by the fall of countless competitors. How should the investors behind these losers stop?


these two days, "New York Times" a description of Uber founder Kalanick with the investor Bill · Gayle game articles, and the "investor + business" in this phase to kill CP love story down the stage.


every time the winner’s birth, accompanied by countless competitors down, investors behind these losers, in the end how to stop


second is to facilitate the merger of the target company and the competitive advantage. When the money can not solve the problem, while market competition does not appear when the absolute advantage, investors will bring the two sides through the merger to enhance competitiveness, reduce operating costs, to maintain investment returns, and strive to achieve a win-win situation. Everyone familiar with the fast combination of Didi, /Uber, United States Group merger review, 58 merger market is such a situation. To put it plainly, it is in both sides of the competition

meters, music, an activity,

in fact, in the era of digital music, the music industry is more like a big iceberg in the universe, although it will change frequently because of the Internet impact, but its real economic benefits have not been deeply explored. In order to tap the market depth, in the past year, more than meters music attempts transformation, in addition to providing music, audio-visual and other Internet value-added services, but also further expand the company’s Pan entertainment music industry, deep roots fans community. Hatching out "accidentally flutter" and "reflect guest"".

? According to the information provided by the

is a buy back or a liquidation stop. Investors demand the repurchase of shares or direct liquidation of the enterprise. This sometimes through the agreement on gambling to perform, sometimes immature investors do more intense, such as Cara of Putian bicycle, because investors are no longer optimistic about business prospects, will transfer the user direct deposit withdrawals, is a more extreme way to stop. For Internet companies, this step has basically nothing to say in return, can only be said to be a way to stop it.

meters, even on the line a year time, settled users reached about 6000000, accounted for over 90% of the market and become the mainstream of fans, the current domestic mobile broadcast domain is one of the leading live video platform is also reflected off, meters in addition to the management outside the largest shareholder.

meters music sources, the future, the company will continue to integrate the existing resources and the accumulation of years of industry experience, with China Mobile’s music Migu Institute for strategic cooperation, to obtain more wireless music user resources, expand the company’s online music market share; at the same time, vertical operation, and strive to create interactive fans "I had" platform synergy through the dual platform, and strive to achieve profitability within two years. Xue Die

Ten Henzhao Ma Yun used in the Ali MamaArt network Liu let art down the altar

content review: she is the art of electricity supplier "art point" founder, want to do is to break the "circle of paintings, insiders buy Paintings" pattern, so that art has become mass consumer goods


, who landed at New York airport in July 4, 2010, has just graduated from Qinghua Academy of fine arts. She has the opportunity to be a visiting scholar at major universities in the United states. Out of the airport, the impact force is coming, like a sculpture of public buildings in New York as full of sense of design, small art gallery and Art Museum let her away, side is on the scene copy child paintings. "You know, I grew up copying books,"

in Ali mother advertising Henzhao the Alliance

five: get Henzhao reputation, quickly gathered hundreds of millions of webmaster

, on the two floor of the coffee shop at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, I met Liu Xing for the first time. Beijing girls do not see the forthright, she whispered, secretly playing slapstick, she would definitely be the kind of fight with the girl’s pillow fight little girl. "Don’t call me a strong woman," she said." And entrepreneurship, for her, is really just an accident.

< >

is restless,

twenty-first Century today, more and more people join the Internet, online shop, online blog, web site, online shopping, online dating…… the network life and the reality of our increasingly separated

Ma the person in front of our 80 stationmaster, belong to Uncle level character, read a lot about his presentation, read many of his articles, many tricks is of great help to our webmaster, can give us a little more detours.

three: advertising revenue payment Henzhao unlimited


in the network era dividing their share of the cake, become a netizen dream, become a webmaster permanent pursuit, Ali group to accept the call of the times, the Ali Mama, a new alliance platform, he is different from all of the other union at present in the market, I put these differences as Ma.

strange color, bright but heavy, picture Abstract struggle, Liu Xing could not help but share her work with me this piece of possession, the author was a graduate from Xinjiang Arts Institute, has been a young man practicing Zen temples in Xinjiang. She praised the painter’s philosophy and said that he would become a master in the future. "His works, I like them, do not sell now."."

: everyone can become buyers Henzhao four

on the Internet, who will be the first to think of others, the last who will win, the mother from the line in August, and today has more than 3 months, adding the webmasters and bloggers are more and more, the key point is: Ali group money let the webmaster to return, because as a core group of characters Ma know the role of word of mouth, the effect of advertising is.

this idea, from the Xing Liu experience in New York study tour.

two: let the seller Henzhao themselves, give full autonomy

doesn’t sound like a regular businessman. Began to study painting and calligraphy at the age of 6, at the age of 18 was admitted to Tsinghua Academy of fine arts, the painted nails shiny Beijing girl talking about art works closely reasoned and well argued. However, her identity today is indeed a businessman, "art point" – art online sharing trading platform – founder.

network market and reality, there will be buyers and sellers, other advertising buyers will be more or less restricted, small sites, small buyers they don’t pick up a single, Ali and her mother regardless of level, as long as buyers, even one yuan advertising, Ali and her mother is not limited, can be said to be suitable for all types of buyers.

: a Henzhao low barriers to entry into the

for those small flow website owners and blogger

in August 4th, two in the afternoon, Gehua 13 storey building Gehua Design Museum, the big screen flashed a word: I don’t want life to imitate art, I want life to be art. "Art point", Beta version of the official on-line operation. Among the crowd are artists, investors, and regular white-collar workers. Dressed in a black dress, elegant and dignified, Liu Xing standing in front of them asked why good works by the gallery say? She would break the "insider insider buy painting painting" pattern, let art altar, become a mass consumer goods, by the market pricing.

is a large market of advertising, such as sh419, shlf1314 and so on, their demand for this station is still relatively high, more than half of the users are blocked in the advertising alliance outside, Ali mother broke the limit, even if it is a portal blog station can also enter the Ali mother betrayed his advertising, take the national mobilization division of the network advertising market share, sit the country.

is currently in the online advertising market, more than one hundred dollars to pay the shlf1314 Advertising, sh419 ads and complicated, have more than one hundred yuan to pay, those little league is not talk. But my mother even if you are 10 Fen of revenue, in the 15 month after you can mention now, this is the gospel.

online advertising market, want to press the show, according to the show, click click click on, according to clinch a deal, according to clinch a deal, and can choose a buyer, this can also be regarded as Ali’s original.

"art point" is the art of electricity supplier, is an art online sharing trading platform. Its business model is concise: free signing Chinese major art college students and young artists, works on the Internet for public viewing, sharing, buying or renting, and rental and sales into popular artists, works and artists will be recommended to the gallery; the future, here will become the emerging artists discovery platform proxy mode broker will follow.

Make money, financing, glory, a lot! IPO going to A shares Or ha ha!RMB exchange rate out of the mid

those two years have been examples of corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions all day long. Every day you hear about the wealth myths of the game industry.

ha ha,

in June 2016, Zheng Shanshan handed her first company to her successor, returned to her old property, aimed at overseas Chinese assets allocation and management, and founded second companies".

has been in the real estate industry veteran of 12 years Zheng Shanshan realized that the middle class of overseas asset allocation just began to emerge. In fact, the real estate intermediary for the market to do enough preparation, from the chain home to the housing world are on the line in batches, the United States, Australia, Japan, Britain and other places overseas housing.

, therefore, many companies have taken refuge in the new three boards.

so, from 2016 onwards, the game industry in the capital market myth is gone. Not to mention IPO, even a M & A can not get started.

at that time, a A company would not be able to mix up in the capital market if it didn’t dip into the game. So, you will see, at that time, whether it is pig, cement, or engage in real estate, steel, are rushed to the game industry.

since then, her pace of work began to calculate the "hour", on the one hand travel field survey: Losangeles, New York, Tokyo housing, Melbourne, Sydney, London, Dubai, find a technical partner to develop products, to achieve precise matching between the needs of the population and mass products with big data technology; on the other hand will close investors. Search >

"in many overseas real estate recommendation meeting, the consultation customer is very many, also very confused.". They have enough money to invest, but they can’t find the way out." Zheng Shanshan says that this type of customer is very common, they have rational thinking on the economy as a whole disk, also has the concept of overseas asset allocation, but the product did not have a clear judgment, can not distinguish what kind is a good project, which is popular; another type of customer is aggressive, they are not bad money, as long as the house itself quality the right area, the surrounding facilities, the appreciation of space, will soon sell to buy, or even stop to stop.

on 2017, new year’s day just before, Zheng Shanshan in the company downstairs Starbucks coffee convened a team meeting, a person a cup of latte, but the rhythm is not easy. Their sale of a real estate project opened in the afternoon, the team several sales tension, the core of the customer and housing information, inter – time differences and British developers to communicate.

, the old driver who smelled the "scare" opportunity,

According to

super players on the new board: over five games, listed company 2016 net profit of over one million yuan

seriously, game companies do play more than most listed company. Judging from the performance growth of this dimension, the game industry in the homogeneous industry is regarded as the leader.

in the capital market, hand travel industry is so.

choice of finance statistics, 91 listed company, Sinopec has melt into the capital of the company have 60, accounting for 66% of the total financing of nearly 8 billion 87 million yuan.

1, 222 advertising listed company 2016 total revenue grew by 30%, and net profit fell 5.5%;

3 and 91 games listed company total revenue in 2016 grew by 70%, and total net profit grew by 114%.

by common sense, these companies should live badly and can’t afford much money.

The news of the new year’s "little new year" policy made Zheng Shanshan realize that the middle class panic caused by policy tightening would intensify until July 1st, when the policy was tightened by. At this point, seize the panic of the people, that is, seize the tuyere period. But this time is only half a year.

overseas promotion activities in recent years by middle-class concern Tencent technology plan


January 4, 2016 offshore RMB exchange rate dropped 600 basis points, down from 6.49 in the bank exchange rate fell to 6.52, then all the way to the market repeatedly; after the Spring Festival, the rise of the stock market, second tier city housing boom after the way down…… Sensitive people almost overnight the renminbi into U.S. dollars to maintain value. At this point, a wavelet investment for long-term consideration to buy a house overseas, or buy dollar funds.

overseas asset allocation real estate, technology, financial products entrepreneurial heat, accompanied by the rise of the RMB exchange rate in 2016 down, this wave is also accompanied by panic in the middle class.

all right. After that madness, it’s a chicken feather,

is even more outstanding. The diamond game has been listed 6 times in 6 years, which is in the new three

when a door closes, God will open another door for you.

in fact, and the current Tesla and new energy vehicles, as in 2014, 2015, that will be, the domestic capital market game stocks, really God exists.

but the fact is the other way round.

last week, in the glory of the king Shuabing network in the world, many people know, in the domestic capital market, there is such a section of the existing.

of course, the game listed company will play more than this point, in financing also achieved good results.

! !

2, 118 electricity providers, listed company 2016 total revenue grew by 54%, and total net profit grew by 73%;

is not difficult to find, in the listed light asset companies, the game industry’s overall revenue growth in the forefront of net profit.

Knight Discussion on the website profit patternClassified information station I’ll draw a list for y

fully illustrates a problem, that is, the value of information, so I want to transfer this value to our local classification information station.

Advertising Federation: http://u.admin5

talked so much nonsense that there seemed to be nothing to do with the subject. Well, let’s get down to business. I have done 1 years of local classification and information network, recently IP was around 7000, carrying the most are about recruitment, this information from another aspect that is now recruiting network traffic how good to do, but I have the experience to do anything else, I often think to find a new way for himself but, look at themselves are old, really sad, this is not 1 years ago to choose the new road? Today saw new and want to do, this is not to deny yourself, so, I still insist on my point of view, to insist on his own choice of local classification of this road. I believe that the information age is the site of the world classification. Funny to say, I didn’t charge any advertising fees for more than 7000 IP so far, because I didn’t put up the affiliate ads because I thought the local stations could make money without hanging a few codes. To put it bluntly, that is now the network has been refined, extensive type has been unable to keep up with the times, sooner or later to be eliminated.

so, we start from the website the profit pattern of this question, this is the website of entrepreneurship and site planning is first to be clear, therefore, the knight will put up on the website to website profit pattern planning, implementation and promotion, and before the operation. The commercial nature of the Internet site determines that it should be given top priority.

has a real value for its profit model only if it provides users with products or services that they are willing to pay for. Therefore, the website entrepreneur must analyze the website profit pattern from the user value, so as to form a good profit model. text / Knight

user value is the starting point for analyzing the profit model of websites, and also the starting point for considering the problems of website creation and website planning.

bored to chat with a friend, ask the recent situation, he is a very clever and practical man, this I admire, and other people can not pay attention to the details of his attention. I asked how recently it income, he told me that the website selling income, income and income connected, computer repair, I immediately one Leng, he opened the store, do not start the network, so he was asked not to open a store, his answer is really awaken me this dream ah. He said he optimized a page, they local maintenance computer, every day there are several list, but he does not do, find someone to do a list, a list of 55 divided. Well, it can be several hundred times a day.

but the profit model of the website is not the starting point of the website, the starting point of the website is the value of the user, so long as there is the value of the user, it is possible to have commercial value, and then it is possible to create a profit model.

for site planning people, website product planning itself also need to consider its commercial value.

for our individual webmaster, we can do, that is, do website promotion, but I want to say is, don’t do boring site, do a little with the actual site, >

Knight thinks: no matter to the person that tries to undertake website poineering work, or the person that carries out website to plan simply, first, the final goal that website plans is to return to website profit to come up. The important part of website creation and website planning.

for those who want to do poineering work through the website, but have not found the good direction of people, what are the good models of website entrepreneurship? Can you really use the website to start a business?

to tell you the truth, I personally do not optimistic about the 58 city, go to market, people’s network and so on. The reason is very simple, not too big, like all local national information do you do nothing, in fact it up to a frame, what framework map like drew a circle like, nothing fundamental content, in addition to several big city flagship can be a little information the amount of information, other city? Just a local sh419 city classification station every day more than you do, from the practical point of view you have no competition, you are just the most temporary competitive brands, but the classification information from other sites are not the same, with the timeliness of the information, who told you what brand we, the emphasis is on the timeliness of information quality and information, who will see the release of a few months ago, this information is of no value.

for the website of the people, the first is to consider their own creative is a wonder, someone in the implementation? Even if you consider at first, ideas have the real feasibility? If the site after the establishment, others imitated into a barrier?

An example above of


commercial value size and site value has a direct relationship, perhaps in the short term, the market speculation et al to obtain commercial value factors, but in the long run, a business model of success and continuing or can provide value for customers. The essence of a profit model is to create more products or services that other people are willing to buy.

This year, 90% of incubators will die because entrepreneurs can’t keep up with quality Part oneAdver



is the depth of advertising words appear, "there is a meal of no embarrassment, there is no one place of wandering, when there is advertising, advertising without the lonely" will be a nightmare never happen?

many people think that national entrepreneurship will make a lot of people to start their business, and then two worries, the first is no one to do things at ease, and the second is that after the failure of entrepreneurship, many people will fall into poverty crisis. In fact, on the second, I have seen a lot, how to say, I am not very encouraging the so-called no bottom line business, no margin of safety risk is very high, and often do not, most of the debt business people, the results are not good, do not believe the so-called fight to win or die now, this old story.

from this perspective, entrepreneurship is the best way to force oneself to grow, a successful business people, in fact, back to the end, we will find that people actually EQ are quite high, because the venture on the road to eat a lot of pain, also must eat a lot of losses, can, become very high. With high EQ people together, you will be very happy.


alliance long webmaster are very clear about one thing, that is the webmaster of income all seems to see alliance’s face, frequent change on the offline advertising alliance code, the server is not stable, or many other reasons will affect the objective of stationmaster income greatly. This promise guarantee activities is undoubtedly the webmaster security lay a good tonic. In particular, "during the test will be paid in accordance with the Commission of 120%", but also attracted many owners have onlookers.

for a moment, Lenovo to a few years ago, Ali mother’s "three packs" plan: "package proceeds, package recommendations, package payments."". If not return, and what alliance do? Webmaster data there are flaws, of course to compensate! Originally this "package recommended" have a desirable meaning, but not a tough attitude to support the station, "recommended" two words is too weak, is only "recommended", only "recommended"…… Another piece of talk,

actually, anything that comes to an end will die.

has a high risk of entrepreneurship without security margins,

double popular, now the country began to fall into the national entrepreneurial pattern, there are a lot of people attacked, afraid in the final will be a feather pattern, this is actually a precedent, sports culture, will always fall into the not so good in all kinds of situation, I also attacked not less, but always as before with the government’s not the same, I agree that this is the very rare, this highly innovative public business of the slogan.

however, the owners signed plan "seems to be in order to protect the interests of the webmaster webmaster, maintain proper income, but if it is not often a barometer of the advertising alliance, not frequent on the line, the server has been stabilized, stationmaster income or in accordance with the normal billing. So, the so-called Adsense signing plan, the so-called web site "Nurturing", is not a paper empty talk, meaningless show?

recently launched the "depth of advertising alliance webmaster contract plan", and was dubbed "Nurturing" website plan, all of a sudden a ripple, attracted much attention.

What is the webmaster Anything can be used in

, behind the success you see, >

however, "master contract plan" is considered to be the show really accurate? Stable server to the real situation, China Internet advertising alliance advertising code at present, stable, adequate advertising network alliance only sh419, shlf1314. So, if your alliance really exists, how often does it get offline? Then, if your coalition really does have a server crash, then the fact that revenues are falling dramatically is really there. Whether you will also bitterly say: "I am a webmaster, I am eager to have a fixed income, there is a stable alliance, there is a suitable advertising."." Ha ha, sad, Zai Zai,

for example, is that the case is the case, why do we say to Comrade Lei Feng, it means that Lei Feng is too little, almost is the case, the case can not be deduced.

may of course with my own multiple serial entrepreneur relationship, these ten years, I have been in torment, success and failure, the greatest feeling is that people live a lifetime, have sth something, even if this is not last without a single success, negative youth, flying against the wind.


contract plan? According to the alliance project page, hanged in the advertising alliance of advertisement, with the signing of the site under income contract, the advertising alliance will lose money subsidies income deficiency minimum guarantee amount to the webmaster. Even more surprising is that, as long as the audit through the test period, even without signing successful, also promised to pay 120% commission to the webmaster!

Abstract: in fact, I don’t feel too will, in general, I feel that entrepreneurship is a trait, not a lot of people have the most, even if you are forced to beg, go, they would not go, that is a rooted in the hearts of the restless heart, most the people do not have.

so it’s a pity to look back on this life before you die, if you don’t leave any memories for yourself. In fact, entrepreneurship is the best way to show a different point of life. I also do this several years of investment, investment in many people, there are also many failures, a lot of success, but most of them will say a word with me, do poineering work one year learned, than the previous decades have learned to.


Wangzhuan tutorial training a theoretical study of flow differenceTencent announced temporarily limi

human society is based on commodity economy, and trading controls the behavior of people in society. Everyone is in a different transaction, farmers farming out the grain, vegetables and fruits to the market; the worker is his own services sold to factories in exchange for payment; of course is their own labor to national civil servants in exchange for compensation, different civil servants in this transaction were also obtained in social status. Traders are among the best known people in the world. They use the theory of difference very well, and they often win in trading. The above is the macro principle, for the majority of webmaster, for guiding practice is very meaningful.


traffic can be translated into money, money can also be converted into traffic. Get traffic can be divided into two methods, the first method to get traffic: a large number of the chain to make the chain, let the flow guide into your website, get a lot of methods of the chain, but also for different owners, different website theme effective methods of the chain are not the same. I will use two ways to write soft Wen and to the BBS hair theme post, these two ways simple and very good effect. In fact, engage in the chain is definitely not free to get traffic, you need to pay is time and energy, time and energy, this thing is very valuable. Second ways to get traffic: PPC search engine marketing and Media Buy site advertising buy, this paid traffic real, effective, effective immediate results. People get the purpose of flow is of course into money, so you have to have a businessman thinking, buy low and sell high traffic flow, if you master this flow difference, you have the Internet treasure, the Internet is a supermarket, you can gain wealth is limitless.

Tencent announcement:

Dear users:

now, due to malicious websites using the hook to add friends, wantonly to users to send mass add friends invited and illegal advertising on the part of the user caused serious harassment, therefore, we temporarily on the to add friends to do the following restrictions:

1, each number up to one day to send 50 invitation to add friends.

2, on suspicion of malicious IP, a IP day to send up to 500 additional friends invited, once more than 500, the system will have the conditions and choices, long time automatically limit part IP to send invitations to add friends.

3, such as your cannot send invitations to add friends, please go to im. to download and install the latest version of "2005 official version". As an upgrade to a "2005 official version" is still unable to send the invitation to add friends, please contact the Tencent customer service center address: service., Tel: 0755-83765566. If there is any inconvenience, please feel free to understand.

wrote two theoretical texts, and whether you can make money online is the key to practice. You need constant flow tests, when your traffic gap theory is infinitely close to reality, that is, when you make money. Flow difference theory is also burn out experience. For ordinary webmaster, no strong capital base, not much of the computer technology, which accords with the 90% personal webmaster, webmaster can earn money must be subversive thinking. For the chain, if there is no technology but you can find cooperation technology, can find a very NB tool, let the chain day break 10000, the website is not afraid to pay traffic flow? If there is no money, but you can find a partner for people who have money to burn, you flow difference theory experience. Ma Yun this person has no funds, no technology, but Ma Yun leader temperament, you can lead the team to create Alibaba group. Chinese the Internet for personal webmaster has just begun, no money do not give up, a lot of advertising alliance is the one or two creation, and with a large coalition is created, alliance account loose, now is the best period of domestic Wangzhuan intervention.

Lazy from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial eightSaaS+ big data, cargo pocket for small and medium c

with the continuous development of the platform, cargo pocket for the seller to provide services, in the original international express and electricity supplier packet on the basis of an increase of FBA. "From 2016 data, FBA really occupy a lot of body mass, this year we will still focus on electricity suppliers, small packets and FBA."."

today, a one-stop cross-border logistics platform goods bag hunting cloud network reported exclusively to hunting cloud network revealed that the platform has completed nearly ten million pre-A round of financing in the capital last year, with the cast lead Road, amoeba.

2, there are foreign collection address, if not, although theoretically, as long as you stand cattle B, Chinese address is no problem, the question is if you have cattle B station, you still need to be trained


1, English has a certain level, read the article in addition to translation words need dictionary, should be little problem.

from the product form to see, cargo pocket is currently based on the PC side, supplemented by APP. "APP" role is to allow users to view the price changes, real-time tracking of logistics information and convenient payment."

logistics service itself is a non standardized process, but the goods want to pass the following two aspects of the process as far as possible standards: first, strict assessment of supplier qualification, and two is the logistics of products. The so-called "product logistics" is the concept of "inside out", mainly reflected in the design of products, through technical means to realize the whole process of logistics visualization.

when you’re ready to finish these things, in the next chapter, tell the basic English trash stand to do shlf1314 Adsense. Here, by the way, many people say that it is difficult to apply shlf1314 Adsense, here I say a simple sentence, when you know that can solve the foreign address collection method, and then use SKYPE can resolve the phone to confirm the PIN code, shlf1314 ADSENSE almost you want to apply for the number of how many can apply to.

for the future development strategy, Mora also revealed to us, the next phase of the bag will focus on the service provider packet, through intelligent matching algorithm for cross-border sellers to provide the best solution. In addition, the platform will provide value-added services for the medium and large sellers in finance, insurance and other aspects.

also puts the online resources into the construction of the logistics service facilities and service system under the line, and helps the target customers to solve the logistics requirements of various orders with low cost and high efficiency. Since its inception in 2015, the platform has exported more than 5000 cross-border buyers.

from the beginning of this chapter, I will use another way to teach you how to do some foreign things, a lot of people see others with hundreds of thousands of dollars for a check, envy, and want to go to the master, in fact, to see how some people do not see the level of training, he received much of his income checks. Has nothing to do with you, you need to see his students how income.

condition two, go to the forum to find collection, the current service to do more people, pay attention to the next look at the credibility of the person and the employment time.

partner Mora introduced to us, "cargo pocket" has now integrated international express, postal more than 50 high-quality logistics service provider resources. All service providers are required to pass a period of three months assessment, the team will be based on service providers during the assessment, service quality, ability level, and credit status and other aspects of comprehensive screening.

as a cross-border logistics depth integration service providers, cargo pocket integration of cross-border logistics resources using the Internet platform. Based on the SaaS cloud platform, docking the major cross-border electricity supplier platform and cross-border logistics service providers system, for small and medium cross-border sellers from parity, order to pay, tracking the entire process of online logistics services.

bags, existing team more than 30 >

more, please visit my micro-blog:

At the same time,

first of all, you must have the following conditions:

3, a foreign telephone, now more and more union need this is very important for the novice, for veteran, can do some do not need to call the application of the company, such as CJ, but the veteran would never tell you that the advertising.


conditions three, go find someone to help you on behalf of the phone, and prepare their own SKYPE phone, this thing in the country is more necessary.


is a cross platform logistics platform dedicated to helping people improve the efficiency of sending parts. They can recommend the best solution for the users according to the requirements of the goods received, the basic information and the time limit of the goods.

sometimes, I wonder whether the environment is now want instant success, some recent training is relatively hot, in fact I don’t think so, why don’t I not because I don’t have the ability to engage in training training, is now almost no threshold, what people can achieve to beg.

conditions, a solution, and their hard to learn a foreign language, do not understand, no one can teach you, of course, you can ask for translation.


at the same time, you need to have at least 10 domains, as well as a virtual host that supports multiple domains or more than one foreign country.



Micro-blog rich myth continues 90 years of science and technology men selling cosmetics into billion

and founder of Li Wenxiang’s dialogue for nearly three hours, not a minute wasted, no nonsense, he only told us a grassroots Polytechnic male entrepreneurship into billions of dollars in the micro-blog story, but also really inspirational.

wish the webmaster a happy Spring Festival!

respected webmaster, Hello,

During the period of

more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

as an entrepreneur interview, I strive to explore the key points of the growth of entrepreneurs. It can be said that Li Wenxiang’s entrepreneurial life is closely linked with micro-blog.


January 23, 2008,

in the micro Kai Chong development process, Li Wenxiang and his team can be said to stand in the air, Li Wenxiang quickly under pressure. As an intermediary platform, they have to face competitors from BAT big companies, these guys are more likely to get good customer resources and Case than their grassroots team. So despite the good times a month income of two million, but its volume limitations make micro Kai Chong on the pattern to break out. At this point, the chance to let Li Wenxiang from a friend who has 20 years of cosmetics experience there get acne products formula, acne experienced Li Wenxiang very keenly felt: the opportunity may come.

, the WIS brand that started with acne products, was founded in 2011 and exceeded 100 million yuan in 2013. In 2014, their goal was to break through 200 million and sprint 300 million. Such a 90 – based team, with the help of micro-blog platform, created a millet miracle in the cosmetics field.

with vision and unique university project experience, Li Wenxiang seized this opportunity, they help the group purchase website customer, micro-blog and third parties such as the establishment of marketing cooperation, and earn profits from the intermediary. With the large influx of business enterprise micro-blog platform, the electricity supplier micro-blog marketing has also brought a relatively stable and substantial revenue for their projects, access to capital accumulation but also for the subsequent WIS brand incubator provides the one and only experience.


cat alliance

2011, Li Wenxiang and his buddies left the campus, it is micro-blog Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River era. When they saw the micro-blog platform, many grassroots large successful cases, think micro-blog is a good platform, but they think they have missed the best time to do grassroots large so micro-blog marketing intermediary platform to connect customers and large micro – Kai Chong became the Li Wenxiang team try another way.

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

" goes through "little >"


first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback


wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: http://union.mop

just as everyone shouted micro-blog marketing does not work so well, micro-blog marketing wealth myth continues. The WIS brand, which started with acne products, was founded in 2011, and sales exceeded 100 million yuan in 2013. In 2014, their goal was to break through 200 million and sprint 300 million. Such a 90 – based team with micro-blog platform created a "millet style" miracle in the field of cosmetics, although they did not gorgeous origin, there is no proud elite background.

if you have any questions, please contact the staff directly.

love micro-blog on the road to

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